The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) is very disappointed that Nannies have yet again not been included in childcare reform suggestions by Government and Liz Truss, especially in the light of the fact that Ms Truss herself employs a nanny!

All members of ANA aim to promote good practice and to provide a quality service to nannies and families. Clients using an ANA approved agency are assured that the nannies have all been met, interviewed, properly checked and had all their paperwork inspected and verified.

ANA firmly believes that the only way forward is to have nannies registered, so that parents are assured that their children are safe, and the Nannies are suitable to appoint.
Through Nanny registration and vetting and checking by Agencies committited to working to high standards, we can help prevent any potentially catastrophic situations occurring. 

This is why ANA is part of the “Regulation Matters” Campaign¬† – we feel strongly that all nannies should be registered, have any professional child care qualifications recognised, and themselves be recognised for the professionals that they are.






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