ANA and Best Bear are working together to offer a bespoke service to highlight and address  very real concerns around safety in childcare recruitment methods and offering workable options for parents choosing a nanny

The Association of Nanny Agencies has been concerned for some years about nannies being recruited via the internet without any third party checks. This is a very worrying development in terms of children’s safety.

Best Bear has been working with nanny agencies for many years using tested methods to ensure that safety is of paramount importance when it comes to sourcing childcare and to provide complete peace of mind that comes from knowing that the requisite thorough checks have been made.  

ANA is delighted to be approved by Best Bear on account of its strict code of practice for ANA members, all of whom must achieve a high standard to join ANA.
Norma Lewis, Chairman of ANA, entered into talks with Sally Harrison of Best Bear many years ago when they were both guest speakers on childcare at the Ideal Home Show at Olympia.

We are proud to say that ANA and Best Bear are now working in partnership to offer its clients and nannies a market leading safe, thorough and professional service.
Both organisations believe that any parent seeking childcare should ensure that every possible check has been performed regarding the nanny’s overall suitability, to ensure that their children will be cared for in the most professional manner. The nanny should have the appropriate skills and ability for the children’s age group, needs and ability.

For those parents opting to use a nanny Agency to source their Nanny, please ensure that your Agency belongs to the Association of Nanny Agencies. (ANA).
All of our Agencies adhere to a professional code of conduct and best practice, and meet the legal obligations and exacting “duty of care” standards for both nanny and parent.
Although using an ANA-approved nanny may require additional recruitment investment costs this is nonetheless an investment that will prove its’ worth, by ensuring cost effectiveness, safety, and professionalism.

‘Best Bear has always been committed to ensuring that parents have peace of mind when hiring a nanny or childcarer. We designed our own unique testing criteria for nanny agencies and only those who pass are allowed to feature on our site. We feel that working closely with ANA will give our customers even more reassurance that they are hiring a childcarer through a reputable childcare agency’
Sally Harrison, Director

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