This is from the Mumsnet workfest conference, where successful career woman who are also mothers were asked how they juggle both parts of their lives.

The Association of Nanny Agencies’ favourite mini interview was this:
Monica Burch is a senior partner at the law firm Addleshaw Goddard. She has three children, aged between 10 and 18. At the start of her career she was a trainee for Mare Stacey, one of the first female partners at a City firm.
“Mare took me under her wing and gave me lots of advice,” the 48-year-old recalls. “She said, ‘Get the best support you can afford — buy it and don’t worry’. So I threw my guilt away.”
Burch says she is lucky that she can afford to pay other people to help with chores and childcare. “I don’t iron and I don’t care — I would rather spend that time with my children. And I’ve always had a nanny, even though that was quite hard early on as it was a huge chunk of my salary. I looked for nannies who’d give warmth and stability, and was delighted when the children grew attached to them. My kids were bridesmaids when their first nanny got married.”

For other Interviews and ideas on mamanging, please read the article in full:

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