Tim Dowling, in the Newspaper “The Guardian” commented on the ITV documentary screened last week (ITV,Thursday 17 Juuly) about Norland nannies and their Training.
He had started off very sceptical, and only ten minutes into Britain’s Poshest Nannies a documentary about the world famous Norland College in Bath, said that he believed in them even less.
All that he could see at first was girls who walk around in weird Edwardian uniforms, being taught how to place the frilly covers on a Silver Cross pram, and who were willing to pay £13k a year to learn to be childminders. He did not understand the insistence on wholesomeness – e.g. Norland Nannies do not go into fast food establishments.
The Norland trainees learned self -defense and evasive driving in case one of their celebrity employer’s babies was the victim of a kidnap attempt, or if they themselves were to be pursued by paperazzi.
Nothing made any sense to him.
He (and I must say that I agree with this point) did not understand why the documentary did not explain that the course is a three-year BA (Hons) degree in early years development, validated by the University of Gloucester.
As the owner of my own Nanny Agency, and the Chairperson of the Association of Nanny Agencies,I could have told him that there is the world of difference between being a trained and qualified Nanny, and an unqualified person paid to look after children.
However, pleasingly, in the end, he said that the nannies had won him over, and he even commented that they were sweet and committed.
He also pointed out that the Nannies graduating from Norland College  have more job offers than other graduates at the end of their degree, and that these nannies command a starting salary of £26K, which is higher than that of a newly qualified architect.
Laura Styles, from Orpington Kent was one of those featured in the documentary, and I think that the last comment should come from her:
“My Nan said: ‘if you’re going to be a nanny, you need to be the best.”

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