The Association Of Nanny Agencies’ legal Advisors, ELAS, have sent my Agency, Norma Lewis Nannies, an article regarding expected absenteeism in Britain’s businesses this week as temperatures are predicted to soar to 27°C – the hottest levels recorded by the meteorological office so far this year.

They say that there has been a reported 32 % increase in absences last month during the hottest June on record, and it is predicted that as temperatures rise this week, so will the numbers of employees ‘pulling sickies’.
ELAS’s head of consultancy, Peter Mooney, says: “With the weather hotting up and the school holidays arriving, we’re expecting to see a record number of absences in the workplace.”

Nannies and Nanny Housekeepers really are no exception to this rule – sunshine is a big pull……..“
To help businesses ELAS prepared an “absenteeism checklist”, and I have adapted this for family use:
• Please allow time for regular drinks breaks.
• Be clear with your nanny about the rules for having time off.
• Requests for annual leave should be decided in advance if possible, and make your nanny / nanny housekeeper aware of minimum notice periods for annual leave requests.
• Reiterate your stance on absenteeism – it is not only within the Office world that Staff who are turned down for time off often have a knack of being ill when the requested day arrives. Make sure that staff members know the consequences of falsely taking sick leave.
• Consider looking at flexible working options. Since the law changed on the 30th of June all employees can now apply for flexible working hours. This may end up being a useful tool for employees in the hot weather, as allowing your Nanny / nanny housekeeper to work slightly different hours, (if it is possible within your own working Contract to allow for this) may be a useful perk and go a long way to keep him / her very happy!

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