When nannies begin their search either for a new position or a change of position probably one of their first criteria for consideration is the salary. However as almost any experienced nanny will tell you, all that glitters isn’t gold. While high salaries are certainly attractive, they often come with a high price. High paying nanny employers often demand long hours, an enormous amount of flexibility, constant availability, and a willingness to travel at the drop of a hat. So while salary should certainly be an important consideration when searching for a good nanny job, it could be foolish to make it the only point of consideration.
In addition to salary, for a nanny job to be a good one, there must be a good fit between nanny and family. When a nanny finds the right family for her, she feels comfortable around the parents and the children and she feels comfortable in the home. Communication happens with ease, personalities click, and both nanny and parents are in agreement regarding parenting styles. Without these important things, there can be a lot of tension and clashes within the working day.
In a good nanny position, there will always be mutual respect between nanny and parents, and in front of the children, the parents must be willing to back the nanny so that the children can always see consistency in what is allowed and what is not in terms of behaviour.
Another sign of a good nanny job is a family that welcomes the nanny’s input. If the nanny is the type of nanny that likes to get the kids, keys, and the car and head out on an adventure, yet the parent’s idea of an adventure is putting the blinds up so the kids can see into the back garden, there is an obvious incompatability between all parties, and long term the prognosis for the nanny being happy and therefore staying a long time in this position is not good.
If the parents are willing to trust their nanny, the chances are, it’s going to be a good job. When parents call several times a day, demand regular text updates throughout the day, and severely limit the activities and outings that their nanny engages in with the children, then problems will occur!
If a nanny doesn’t have any family commitments or an active social life, taking a super high paying job may be an option. But if a nanny is looking for a job where she can still have her freedom and a social life, accepting a lower paying job with fewer demands may make more sense. The bottom line that salary should never be the sole determining factor when considering a position, and other things can make a big difference.

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