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The end of the year is upon us and it seems like gifts and tips are becoming more requisite for hairdressers, school teachers, waiters and even personal trainers but what about your nanny?   If your nanny has worked hard, put in long hours in a job that can be quite difficult it is nice to give her something at the end of the year.

A week’s pay is often rewarded for a nanny who has excelled and done her job to the highest standard, along with a small token gift like chocolates or a candle.  It is also nice to involve the children and ask them to make her a card.  The nanny will be thrilled with this, as she will fee valued and appreciated and that brings long-term loyalty.

However, if your nanny has been less than stellar a monetary gift is not the right choice and perhaps it might be time for an end of the year face-to-face discussion.   This is a moment to lead with the positive and offer praise where appropriate but also address any problems you have.  If you are having problems with your nanny, a small token item like a candle or chocolates will build some goodwill and perhaps you all will be able to start of 2015 on a different foot!


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