In the middle of February last year, one of the Nannies placed through my Agency, Jessica P, signed up for, and completed,her paediatric first aid training course.

One month later, on St Patrick’s Day, whilst in Central London, Jessica found herself in the midst of an emergency situation, when a young girl in front of her collapsed on the pavement.

Jessica needed to carry out both mouth to mouth and CPR, as the girl’s heart had stopped. She carried on until the ambulance came, and did indeed resuscitate the young girl.

When the paramedics arrived, they told Jessica that without any doubt at all, if it were not for her, the girl would be dead.

Just think – 18 years old, and the girl’s life would have been over if it were not for Jessica, and the first aid knowledge that she had recently learned.

Don’t leave it until after a situation has arisen that makes you think “I wish I knew what to do”, or perhaps worse still “I wish I had known what to do” – training courses are readily available, and the price is nothing compared to knowing what to do in an emergency, and to ensure that you can safely look after the child in your care.

My own Agency, Norma Lewis Nannies, runs Ofsted compliant paediatric First Aid training courses, and these are open to parents, grandparents, babysitters and au pairs, as well as to Nannies. These courses are in NW London.

Wherever you may live, you will find courses nearby, often run by the Red Cross, or St John’s Ambulance – I urge you to attend – let’s make the safety of children matter.

Written by Norma Lewis, Chairman of ANA

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