This blog “Why choose a nanny for your childcare?” is written by Ruth Maurandy of Rockmybaby Nanny/ Babysitting Agency.
Points 1-10 are below, and the next 10 points will come next week!

Why choose a nanny for your childcare?

The Association of Nanny Agencies believes that all children should have top-notch childcare!  ANA also believes that can be provided best by a professional vetted nanny.  ANA is very prudent about which agencies it permits to join the Association, and by choosing an ANA agency you are sure to have a fully vetted / career nanny.

ANA realizes there are many different types of childcare and the best childcare is whatever works for a family, but here is why ANA thinks a private nanny is best!

1. Individual Attention – Provider to child ratios in nurseries can’t beat those that come with nanny care. When a provider is responsible for a room full of kids, yours may not be receiving the amount of individual attention they need and you desire. Because a nanny is responsible only for your children, it’s easier for her to ensure that they’re getting plenty of personalized and attentive care.
2. Closer Supervision – When there are four adults looking after 20 children in a room, there’s bound to be a bit of a lapse in supervision from time to time. A nanny is able to watch kids more carefully and she’s never assuming that someone else is watching the kids.
3. Caregiver Bonding – High turnover rates, room graduations and other changes at a nursery can make it difficult for your child to bond with his caregiver. Being looked after by one nanny, however, allows him plenty of time to form bonds and learn to trust his nanny.
4. Routine and Reliability – Kids thrive under a reliable routine, which is something a nanny can provide in a way that large, hectic nurseries simply can’t compete with.
5. Low-Stress Care Transition – Taking your child to nursery means waking him up early, rushing him to get ready and taking him out into the elements. When you pick him up, he’s stuck in traffic alongside you when he’s tired, hungry and ready to be home. Working with a nanny, however, allows you to simply leave in the morning and return in the evening, sparing your child the stress of a commute.
6. Familiar Settings – Being able to spend the day in his own home, with his own toys and comfort objects, spares your child from the uncertainty and anxiety that can come when he’s left in a loud, unfamiliar one at a nursery.
7. Lower Germ Exposure – Kids who are cared for by a nanny may pick up the occasional cold through play dates, but they’re not consistently exposed to the same level of germs that they’d encounter in a nursery.
8. Education and Certifications – When you choose a nanny for your child, you’re in control of ensuring that she has the certifications and education level that you want for your little one. In a nursery setting, you’re essentially stuck with the people the administrators have chosen to hire.
9. Sick Child Care – You will not be able to leave a sick child at nursery, which means that days when he’s sick can be even more stressful for your child as you scramble for alternatives. A nanny, however, will generally provide sick child services, maintaining the routine he’s used to at a time when he’s uncomfortable and unhappy.
10. Development at Her Own Schedule – Your child may be forced to give up a favorite comfort object, make the transition to solid food or start potty training before she’s ready to at a nursery with strict policies. Because you will be able to control the timeline through your nanny, your child will be able to develop at her own pace under a nanny’s care.

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