Choosing childcare is one of the most difficult decisions a family will need to make. We want a nanny but there are so many questions, how do I know what I am doing is best for our family?

The Association of Nanny Agencies is made up of the best nanny agencies in the UK, the ones who are committed to providing the best care and support to both nannies and families. With ANA agencies, all clients and nannies should feel listened to, supported and more than just a number.

But why should people choose an ANA Agency? What does this mean?

  • All members have the same goals – to be the best, to offer the best care and support to everyone who chooses their agency
  • All members are part of a network of nanny agencies who uphold a clear Code of Conduct and Standards of Best Practice, in addition to working together to share good practice to constantly enhance the value and professionalism of nannies within the childcare industry.
  • All members do all the hard work involved in searching for the right calibre of nannies, only submitting genuinely suitably appropriate candidates, providing families with the pick of the best.
  • All members ensure that they perform every reasonable check possible to ensure the suitability of every candidate before considering for submission to a family.

This includes:

  • Meeting of candidates face to face wherever possible, if this is not possible a secure online conference style meeting such as Skype and FaceTime.
  • Checking of original identity documents in person, this may be via a post office checking service, or by working with another ANA member nearby.
  • Ensuring compliance with equal opportunities and current legislation within the childcare and recruitment industry.