Meet Our Committee Members

Sarah Parkin

Sarah Parkin has been the owner of Kids Deserve the Best since its inception in December 2008, based in Newcastle upon Tyne and providing care and support to the families and nannies of the North East of England.

Sarah is a mum of two children herself and with a calm, caring approach has an excellent understanding of childcare aspects from a parent’s point of view in addition to a good understanding of things from an employee’s view point. This works very well with the extensive knowledge and experience on the business and administration side of running a Nanny Agency.

Being a member of ANA is very important to Sarah, a firm believer in helping others, always working to the highest of standards to provide the best quality of care and understanding to show families and nannies that they will have the right support to help them when registered with an agency who is a member of the only trade association specific to the childcare industry.

Sarah likes to work with others to share skills and knowledge and to support other agencies who abide by the same high quality of standards and care. Sharing skills and knowledge works especially well for those who are in the same line of work and may face the same common issues.

As a Committee member of ANA, Sarah hopes to be able to provide support and encourage the building of the association as a Community of Nanny Agencies across the UK with each member having the same aim – raising awareness of the role of a Nanny as a professional choice of childcare, and encouraging families and nannies to access the support available only from an Accredited Nanny Agency who have been tested and measured to ensure they are practising the standards of care and support that they say they do. This includes educating families and nannies of the benefits of joining an agency who is a member of ANA so they are looked after.

Sarah also hopes to build strong working links with other professional organisations including those who provide training for nannies, professional associations for nannies, payroll and insurance companies because by working together we have access to a bigger range of resources and knowledge with everyone working towards the same end result – what is best for our clients AND nannies. Afterall, without good nannies, agencies cannot support their clients!

Kids really do deserve the best, so let’s get the word out there to tell people why they should come to an ANA Agency, rather than trying to source their own childcare from a place where there is no guidance, no standards, because that is what ANA is about – raising the standards of Nanny Agencies and showing commitment to making those standards matter!

Ray Burke

Ray Burke became the Treasurer of The Association of Nanny Agencies on 1st July 2014. Ray works as Operations Manager within Kids Deserve the Best, working with Sarah Parkin in Newcastle upon Tyne, whilst also managing his own IT Business, Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd.

Having an IT background, Ray is very good at supporting with policy and procedural issues, setting up systems to make things simpler to manage, whilst also keeping up to date with Data Protection policies and security of any personal information you hold on families and nannies. Ray has extensive knowledge and understanding of what a successful business needs as well as advice on a range of topics ranging from debt and money advice, through to successfully running a small to medium sized business.

Ray is responsible for the day to day finances of ANA, all associated administration and enquiries from both Agency and Corporate Members, as well as the collection of membership subscriptions and streamlining and improving work processes within the Association.