Full Job Details

A lovely family in Harpenden is seeking a full time nanny for 3 children. 
Days: Mon-Fri | Hours: 7-6.30 (2 days 8-6.30) | Ages: 12m, 5 + 7 | Salary: £35-43k 
A lovely family in Harpenden is seeking a nanny for two boys aged 5 and 7, and their baby sister who will be 12 months
They require Monday to Friday. Mon-Wed, you’ll work 7am-6.30pm. Thurs+Fri are 8-6.30pm
The role is to start mid/late Nov, when mum returns to work from maternity leave
They would love a nanny to join their family long term
Mum will be out at work Mon-Wed. Thurs and Fri she often works from home but may have some free time, where she’ll help with kids/take the baby for some 1:1 time and give you a break – the baby will do nursery on 1 or 2 days (Thurs+Fri) so these days will be chilled for you!
They ask light house help, eg family laundry and meals, with typical nanny duties too. They have a cleaner twice a week
They offer £12-15gph depending on your experience which is £35-43k. Ofsted is not needed
You will be a driver, automatic duty car provided
Dad works from home part time. Mum is out Mon-Wed. when the role is fully sole charge. Thurs+Fri she’s sometimes around so a mix of sole and shared care
They would love for you to get the baby out to groups, classes and activities!
No pets