Full Job Details

We have a new role in with a lovely American family who have not long moved here. They are living in Chelsea SW10 until August when they will be looking to move elsewhere and are thinking of no further than Richmond.

This can be a live in or a live out role. It is essential that the nanny has stayed for a reasonable duration of around 2-3 years in most previous jobs

A driver is essential.

The children are B 17 months, G6 and B 8 and The oldest two need to be driven to school ideally. Mum is returning to work and this is just taking too much time in the morning.

It is mainly the 17 month old all day so all the usual playdates classes nursery duties. It is a busy hectic time in the morning getting them all ready for school and out so they do want an early start of 7am really. The hours are M-F 7am-7pm Must be happy to do at least some of the travel dates with the family

They have parking if the nanny drives to work. If live in there is a separate entrance kitchen level room, with a nice bedroom shower room etc, there is a kettle, fridge, microwave, etc that also connects to the house. They have one old dog and are thinking of getting another puppy at some future point, so no dog duties – but must like dogs and not be scared, allergic, or dislike them. Start asap