You wouldn’t stop someone in the street and ask them to cut your hair… You would choose someone who has a good reputation and someone who you can approach and most of all someone you know, like and who you can trust? So why is choosing childcare any different?

There are an increasing number of websites and online apps available where people can select ‘someone’ to look after their children – however what if you make a wrong decision – what if something goes wrong? These two questions are equally important for both nanny and family!

What works for one family may not necessarily work for another. ANA agencies understand this and are there to ensure you make the right choices, making sure a family is aware of their responsibilities as an employer of a nanny, being aware of trends and wage rates in their area.

We would love to say that there is no cost for using the services of a nanny agency, but this would be a lie. However, is there really a limit you would put to the cost of getting the right childcare in place for your family, the perfect person to be that great role model, to love and to nurture, to attend to all the daily needs, to help your child with learning and development in their own home environment – surely the cost would be priceless!

Please don’t wait until something goes wrong. Do seek the support of the right nanny agency in your area – a nanny agency who cares about the standards of care each nanny provides, a nanny agency who believe in offering the best, and one who believes in raising the standards of professionalism within the nanny industry.