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Did you know that when you work as a nanny you have the same legal responsibilities as other childcare professionals?

Have you ever thought what could happen if a child in your care was seriously injured?
You need go no further to find an insurance policy that will provide you with the important cover and protection that every professional Nanny should have.

Morton Michel nanny insurance is for qualified or experienced nannies, doulas and maternity nurses, who care for a child or children aged 0 – 17 and/or pre- and post-natal mothers, based in the child’s or mother’s own home.

Nanny Insurance – Annual Premiums:

  • £61 for nannies registered or applying to be registered on the Ofsted Voluntary Register (England) or the Childcare Approval Scheme (Wales) or SCSWIS approved bodies (Scotland)
  • £80 for non registered nannies (UK only)
  • £90 for Northern Ireland based nannies
  • £74.53 for Channel Islands/Isle of Man based nannies

Nanny Insurance – Cover Includes:

  • Limit of indemnity £3 million
  • Contingent motor liability (this does not replace standard motor insurance cover)
  • Legal Expenses – limit of indemnity £100,000 any one event
  • Five dedicated helplines – legal, medical, tax and VAT, household emergencies and a confidential counselling line. Specialists are on hand to give confidential and practical advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the UK.

*Important: During the first 90 days of your cover any contractual disputes or debt recovery claims arising from an agreement entered into prior to the inception date of your Nanny Policy are excluded.

You can contact the Morton Michel nanny insurance team on 0330 058 9861.

Nannyinsure is brought to you by Nannytax,  the leading payroll support service for nanny employers in the UK.

As advocates of best practice in domestic employment, Nannytax have created a specialist public liability policy created especially for professional nannies, The policy not only helps protect you in the event of an accident, it also protects the important relationship between you and your employer, giving you both peace of mind.

Policy Details:
Nannies can choose between two policies:

  • £3,000,000 limit of indemnity for an annual fee of £70
  • £5,000,000 limit of indemnity for an annual fee of £90

Both policies offer the same great additional benefits:

  • Nanny duties are covered within the European Union*
  • Nanny duties are covered outside of the European Union for 90 days in any one period of insurance*
  • Administration of Drugs and Medicines*
  • Cover whilst child is left with another approved adult for temporary periods*
  • Contingent Motor Insurance*

You can contact the Nannyinsure team by calling 020 3137 4410.