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Does Salary make a good Nanny job?

When nannies begin their search either for a new position or a change of position probably one of their first criteria for consideration is the salary. However as almost any experienced nanny will tell you, all that glitters isn’t gold. While high salaries are certainly attractive, they often come with a high price. High paying… Read more »

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New Flexible Working Law – information from ACAS.

 We at The Association of Nanny Agencies hope that the link below  from ACAS is of use to you, and can help with the new flexible working law, which came in on June 30th 2014, which now gives all employees who have worked for an organisation for more than 26 weeks the right to request flexible… Read more »

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How will the new government reforms affect your parental leave?

How will the new government reforms affect your parental leave?The government has recently outlined changes to the way that parents and other carers can take leave to spend time with their children. Read here how this might affect you when the new rules, which are part of the Children and Families Bill 2013, will come… Read more »

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