As adults, we all have memories about our childhood, some stand out more than others but there is plenty we can remember. Thinking about some of those memories that we have and the magical times we experienced, wouldn’t it be nice for your children to experience something similar and have memories of their childhood too. Things that our children do on a daily basis now, they won’t remember in 15/20 years’ time unless there is something that really stands out to them.

What can you remember from your childhood? Is it a day out with your family? Visiting a certain place? Or is it having a pet? Think about all of those times where your face would’ve lit up, that’s the feeling we need to replicate for our little ones.

We’re never going to be able to slow life down, so treasure every moment and do something special for you loved ones to remember in years to come.

Making a magical moment

Some children take more things in than others so often it’s the little things that they may remember. Sitting down and having that family meal for someone’s birthday or going to your child’s favourite place to eat for their birthday. We all know how excited children get for their birthday so making a big splash and asking the waiters to sing happy birthday or bring out a cake is utterly magical to a child.

Family trips

Are you a family that doesn’t make the time to go away on holiday? Or do you go to a similar place every year? Has there been one place your family have always talked about visiting? Make that dream become a reality and make your children the happiest they can be by visiting that special place. Use this time to eat at different places, let them decide on something that you do, whether that’s spending the day by the beach or visiting an adventure park. If they are asking for it there is often a reason as to why they would like to visit.

What are you going to do for you children or the children you care for? It could be as simple as creating a den in the living room with fairy lights and watching a movie.

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