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In the majority of cases when you are looking for nannies to provide you with professional childcare, you will have lots of ideas of what you are looking for, the type of personality and whether they are male or female for example. Choosing a Nanny isn’t a decision you can make immediately as it is a big change and you are introducing someone new to your children, this person will become a member of your family.

They will need to be trustworthy and reliable so that you know you are leaving your children in safe and capable hands at all times.

These are our recommendations of what you should look for in a Nanny when you are carrying out interviews:

  • They should have fantastic organisational skills. Being organised is key. They’ll need to be able to get children to school on time, plan making meals, picking different children up from different schools and still make time for other day to day tasks such as washing and cleaning.
  • Patience is a virtue, especially when working with children. As we all know children can be a handful at times but it is important to give them the time they need when you ask something from them. Plus, when you are introducing young children to a new Nanny it may take them by surprise and take them time to get used to the new family member. Give children the time they need and help them to build trust.
  • If you have a Nanny who is not trustworthy is it worth hiring them? Most people expect their nannies to cook, clean and spend quality time with the children. If you are having to constantly watch over them and help them it’s not productive for you.
  • First aid training. These skills will help to put your mind at ease as you’ll know that your children are in safe hands all of the time. If they don’t have any first aid training but they are willing to learn this is just as good as it shows that they want to be responsible.
  • Be transparent and willing. With children the plan can change quite quickly, and they need to have an alternative plan at all times.

Don’t forget if you are starting your career as a Nanny, it is important to have Nanny Insurance so that you are always covered.

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