ANA is the Association of Nanny Agencies and they are a private not for profit Trade Association which monitors and checks Nanny Agencies to ensure all member agencies are working towards providing the highest standards of care and good practices to ensure they have done everything they possibly can to check the appropriateness of a nannies skills, experience, documentation and to ensure they are of good character and a good match for a family looking for a Nanny as their choice of childcare.

BAPN is the British Association for Professional Nannies and they are a private not for profit organisation which provides a support network for professional nannies in the UK. Their aim is to raise the profile of nannies as a professional choice of quality childcare in the UK.

All good agencies need great nannies so they can provide the best of support to their clients.

And where do we get these nannies from? That’s right BAPN!

Nannies need to know they are armed with the right knowledge, and are aware of their rights and expectations in terms of being employed by the family. And where do nannies go to for support if things go wrong? Who can help them with matching their skills, experience and personality with the right family? That’s right ANA!

Therefore this means the natural line of support working together should be Nannies come to accredited agencies. Agencies to recommend that Nannies join BAPN as a mark of showing their level of professionalism. BAPN recommending nannies register with an accredited agency to get the right help and support.

Is that all? Actually not by a long way…… By the same token that ANA and BAPN are supporting each other, we also believe in working with complimentary childcare businesses not only to improve a nannies skills but to ensure the families have access to the correct specialist services and advice to ensure that the nanny and family relationship is set up properly in the beginning and will then be a great success.

Other examples of our working together include:

Training Providers – What training is recommended to be a professional nanny? Being a nanny is so very different to any other type of childcare position – a nanny will work so much more closely with the family in providing daily one-to-one care and interaction with the children of the family in their own home. Whilst there are numerous childcare training courses available, these rarely include anything specific to the working in a family home, this is why both ANA and BAPN work closely with selected training providers who offer relevant training to encourage nannies to keep their skills and experience up to date. Continuously developing skills and experience shows a nanny is serious about their role of a nanny – after all, a professional nanny is not the same as being a babysitter or an au pair!

Some nannies may wish to specialise with a certain type of childcare, for example, Maternity Nurse training, special needs training, working with multiple babies and by creating links with people who provide this training, we can share this knowledge with nannies who are interested.

What happens if a child in the care of the nanny falls ill? All professional nannies must be responsible for completing a paediatric first aid training course. This training would be the equivalent of a 12 hour period, and can be completed via a 2 day attendance based course, or a mixture of 1 day e-learning and 1 day practical attendance. This is why all good agencies should have good working connections with a selection of first aid training providers in their area.

Insurance – what insurances are needed and why? What does the insurance cover? By creating links with specialist nanny insurance companies – this provides us with the avenue of support to ensure both nanny and family have the right insurance in place. Between ANA and BAPN we may be able to secure discounted rates for services for those who are a member. As an example Morton Michel have a very good policy and members are also able to gain access to their Childcare Club which has lots of useful ideas for activities a nanny can use with the children in their care.

Being a nanny can be a very lonely job, especially if working in an area you are not familiar with. Therefore having a place of support is crucial. BAPN and some of the local agencies will have some kind of access to any network groups for nannies in your area. For example in the North East of England there is a North East Nanny Network Facebook group – this is used very well for nannies in the north east to share activities, special offers, arrange meetups or play dates, get suggestions of what is on where, as well as sharing good practice.

By being part of an Association such as BAPN, nannies are assured of a good listening ear, a level of patience and understanding, as well as being given the guidance, sound advice and support to encourage any training required to progress their career as a professional nanny. By being a member of BAPN a nanny is showing they do have a level of commitment to their professional choice of career, as well as an undertaking that they care about the standards of care and attention they put into the nanny role they are selected for.

By registering with a nanny agency who is a member of ANA, nannies are assured of a good listening ear, a level of patience and understanding, in addition to an equal opportunity to reach potential families who are looking for nannies, based on the individual skills, training, experience and personality of each nanny. An ANA agency will not force a nanny into a position which the nanny feels is not suitable for them, an ANA agency will guide and support with any questions a nanny has, liaising between nanny and family in an impartial capacity to ensure compatibility, good communication and good practice advice, as well as dealing with any issues which may arise from being in this employment.

The nannies support from any Agency should not stop just because a job is found! Ongoing advice and support must be continuous. ANA agencies should be approachable, whilst always encouraging the best standards, practice and professional development for each nanny.

So this working together of two professional associations, one for Nanny Agencies and one for Nannies, is a natural way forward. This will hopefully help in some way towards the prevention of instances where a nanny is mistreated, taken advantage of, or are left with no support if things go wrong. And similarly if a family are having difficulty with their nanny.

Working in a family environment should be a great honour, for you to have been chosen by the parents and given the opportunity and responsibility to care for their most precious children working within their family home.  A great nanny will take their responsibilities seriously, wanting the absolute best for the children in their care, ensuring they are encouraging a child’s individual learning and developmental needs, planning fun, age appropriate activities and outings for them, being a fantastic role model for the children as they grow up. Creating memories! Long lasting memories!

After several discussions about the best way forward for both Associations – BAPN and ANA, in addition to working with other complimentary services, plans are now being made for something which is very exciting and we hope will be of fantastic benefit and support to members of BOTH ANA and BAPN! Keep following the links for updates on this – further news to follow soon……

Remember that by working together this gives us greater access to a bigger range of resources so we can provide a bigger and better level of care and support!sharing-is-caring

Contact details for further information are:

ASSOCIATION OF NANNY AGENCIES Tel: 0203 1500 365  Email:   Website:



written and prepared by Sarah Parkin from Kids Deserve the Best on behalf of ANA and BAPN


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