As we reach the end of September the majority of children have had their first month back at school after a six week break and some have started school for the very first time. How have your children found it? Have they enjoyed it?

Within our lives, we have all started something new and felt a bit out of our comfort zone so we can resonate with how our children are feeling. Whether it has been starting a new job or meeting new people there is that fear of how it will go and what will they think. In this blog we have provided some tips for back-to-school anxiety and how to keep your children’s nerves to a minimum so that they can enjoy this experience.

Thinking About The Positives

Does your child have an unpleasant memory about school? Or is there something about school that they don’t like? Instead of focusing on the negatives and what they don’t like talk about the positives and what they do like. Every child will have an interest, a passion where they can talk about it or show you exactly what it is that they love. Ask them questions about their favourite subject, what they like to play with, which teachers they like. All of these factors will help keep their mind away from the negatives and what they dislike about school and the environment. This is your chance to show them that school is rewarding and that they do take a lot from it.

Be Confident

A child knows your voice and when you are certain of something and when you are not. If you give them a chance to explain to you what it is that is bothering them and what they are going through, then it can make a big difference to them and how they look at the situation. Telling them that you believe in them and that you know they will do well reassures them and helps them to see that too.

Allowing Your Children Extra Time

Is getting out of the house what you find difficult on a morning? When a child doesn’t really want to go to school as it is, being in a stressful environment where you are rushing to get them to school on time can make them feel even more anxious and under pressure. Allowing them more time on a morning by getting up 15 minutes earlier or preparing their lunch the night before can put them at ease to know there is plenty of time and they will soon fall into a routine and getting out of the door on time won’t be so difficult.

This can be a very challenging time for children of all ages, whether they are just starting school, going into a new year or going to a new school. We can understand and sympathise if they feel anxious, it is very common, but it is also a possibility that there are other things that are playing on your child’s mind. Is there anything else that has happened recently that could be contributing to these difficult times? Does your child struggle to leave you to go to school? Has your child been throwing tantrums unnecessarily? These are all common signs that your child may be nervous and anxious about going back to school. So, talk to them, support them and try and turn the negatives into positives.

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