Here at Nanny and Co we’re smack bang in the middle of the festive madness and as a nanny agency still fielding calls from families wanting to get their family lives in order for the New Year, so no gentle swing in to Christmas, it’s more like cramming buying and wrapping presents, while holding a phone in one hand and emailing with the other! It’s an exciting time ahead for everyone but we’re also mindful that it’s a time of great stress that doesn’t always bring happiness. We’re blessed to work in an industry that solves the problems for families by finding them the perfect nanny, but that means that nannies and childcare is affordable to them. With the majority of British families working from payday to payday, nannies aren’t the option for the large majority and often the work-life balance is tentative and, more notably at Christmas time, can be knocked out of kilter when mums and dads are trying to recreate the ‘perfect’ Christmas for their children and wider family. No matter what your financial position, Christmas is about sharing the love. Not spending hundreds of pounds on your children. Give your time, turn off the laptop and play a game with your children, cook with them, create simple moments to cherish. As I well know now that my twins have just turned 18, this may be the last Christmas I have with them following all the traditions we’ve always done. I’m ready to pack the stockings away if they’re “too cool” for them, but I hazard a guess that they’re not!

From my home to yours, this is Mother Goose from Nanny&Co signing off 2018 and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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