After being back at school after the long summer holidays, some children will have just got back into a routine and the next thing they know it is half term. But for others, they will be counting down the days to the break and look forward to all of the exciting things they can do and places they can explore. Do you have plans for half term? What do your children prefer… to be on the go all of the time or have some busy days and some quiet? Below we have provided you with our top activities for half term and things you can do to keep your children occupied.

Get Hands-On In The Kitchen

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but it is a skill that we all have. Whether it is simple dishes or cooking is something you are passionate about knowing the basics will be beneficial. Whatever the time of year, you can’t go wrong with making pancakes. They could be a breakfast treat or mid-afternoon snack, either way, they will go down a treat! From getting the equipment out, mixing the ingredients together or for older children helping you to flip the pancakes, children of any age can get involved.

Colour Central

Colouring is great for both children and adults. It is relaxing, therapeutic and something that is good to do at any time. With colouring books and sheets for different ages and abilities your children can choose to really push themselves with more complex images or simplistic drawings. They could also choose to paint by number which is often easier for some children as they know what colour each section is supposed to be.

Get Outside

At this time of year it is magical, there are different autumnal colours everywhere and leaves falling all around you. Your local park is the ideal place for you and your children to have some family fun time. Pop on your wellies, get the kite out of the shed and get your halt term off to a flying start.

Movie Day

What’s better than getting cosy by the fire, under a blanket and watching your favourite movie with lots of snacks? You can get in the festive spirit early and start with a Christmassy film… how about Home Alone or Nativity? Two absolute classics! Or something less festive such as Sing or a family favourite like the Lion King.

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