Finding the perfect agency for you and your family is no easy task, not only do you have to look for the agency that fits your requirements, but you also need to figure out which childcare options are right for you. In this blog we discuss just some of the childcare options to explore.


A nanny is one of the most obvious choices and qualified nannies are generally trained to provide care and educational development for children from birth to 7 years.

Depending on your circumstances nannies may be employed on a live-in or live-out basis. A nanny’s role is to take responsibility of the safety and development of the children in their care. They are there to take care of all aspects including general daily duties as well as activities and learning.


Similar to a nanny, a nanny/housekeeper takes on the role of carer and supports the child’s development as well as looking after daily duties. However, a housekeeper is responsible for the day to day running of the household, cleaning, laundry, shopping, running errands and cooking, which can be for the Family as well as the Children. 

Maternity Nurses

A maternity nurse is here to provide a helping hand when it comes to the introduction of a new baby to parents. Their role is to help new mothers in all aspects of caring for the newborn, from breast feeding to establishing a feed / sleep routine, bathing and helping mum through those first very tiring weeks. 

They are also fully qualified in providing professional advice, making learning how to care for the baby as informative as possible.


Babysitters take on many of the same duties as nannies however they are much more on a part-time basis. Qualified and/or experienced nannies, nursery nurses, teachers and child-minders, will come to your home to look after your children normally in the evenings so that you can have a night out.

ANA recommends that all Nannies and child-carers have as a minimum requirement a current first aid certificate, an enhanced DBS certificate and are Ofsted registered if appropriate.

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