Nannies, Do you know why it is important to register with nanny agencies who are ANA members?


If you want to further your nanny career, it is imperative that you only work with the best agencies! But there are so many nanny agencies in London, how do you know which agencies are best to align yourself with? One of the best ways to ensure you are working with credible agencies is to be sure that they are members of ANA (The Association of Nanny Agencies).


The best agencies care about “making standards matter.” They will send you targeted jobs that you will thrive in, they will help you with your CV, interview tips and negotiate on your behalf. ANA agencies make sure that everything is “above the board,” and will be sure your future employer understands all the legal implications about hiring a nanny in the UK.   ANA members also care about your long-term happiness and will check in with you in your new job to make sure things are going well and aid in challenges you may be having.


Also, ANA agencies can direct you as to why you should protect yourself with nanny insurance and how you can buy it affordably. Finally, if there is ever a problem, all ANA agencies have access to a legal helpline where they can seek advice on your behalf and therefore, help you advocate more strongly for yourself.


There are so many nanny agencies in London! Know you are working with the best agencies if they are ANA members!

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