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Here at ANAUK we are a professional nanny agency in London and when you become a nanny, it is a really exciting opportunity to become part of a family, learn all about children and experience a new way of life. Whether you are just starting out as a nanny or you are experienced in the industry, it’s good to learn and take on board some new hints and tips. Working with multiple nannies and nanny agencies, we have a fantastic understanding of what you need to know.

Maintain a professional and positive attitude

This should always be your top priority! Just like when you are in an office environment, you conduct yourself in a mature and professional way. Just because you are in somebodies house, this shouldn’t change as that is your workplace. Always respect your employer and their children and have a positive attitude when talking to them and about them.

Every employer will understand that we all have a personal life and sometimes there are elements of our personal life that interfere with day-to-day life. However, don’t allow it to impact your work and ensure you maintain your normal attitude when with the children. As much as they may be small and not as advanced as adults, they can sense when there is a problem or you are acting differently.

Communication is key

Communication is vital especially when you are a nanny. You will need to be able to feedback to parents about how their children are behaving and performing when in your care or at school. Speaking with the parents regularly will allow you to air any concerns or observations that you have. Making an effort with the parents is just as important as bonding with the children. You are going to become a huge part of their life and they need to know that they can trust you and they feel comfortable leaving their children with you.

Give yourself time

If you are just transitioning into a new household or you are new to being a nanny, give yourself time. You are not going to connect straight away with everyone. You need to learn all about your new family, their values, how they operate and if they have certain ways of doing things. It can take a while to establish boundaries and know what they deem as acceptable.

If you are looking for a professional nanny agency in London or to find a nanny agency, reliable childcare, or you are a parent or nanny looking for support, contact us today. You can call 02031500365.

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