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Finding reliable childcare is important as balancing work and children can be difficult. Many of us have all been in the same situation after having a child going back to work can be daunting and finding the right option for childcare is paramount. There are three different options that you have for your little ones… nannies, childminders or nursery. For many, nursery is the go-to option for childcare as they can interact with other children. However, you should consider a Nanny as an option.

Similar to nursery and childminders nannies all have to hold qualifications, first aid training, be DBS checked and have insurance. Nannies can look after children of all ages; it all depends on your family and what you are looking for. When you have more than one child and they are at different stages of their life a nanny allows you to have the complete childcare option as you don’t need to run around trying to get them to breakfast clubs at different times and worry about picking them up.

With nannies working in your home your children will be able to continue a routine they are familiar with and develop a relationship with the nanny who will become part of your family. Plus, they’ll help you around the house too! As they are working with your children, they’ll carry out tasks that relate to them such as laundry, cooking and making beds. Meaning, you’ll have the evenings where you can relax and unwind after being at work and know everything has been taken care of.

Some families will consider nannies as an expensive option as rates, depending on location, can be between £11 and £14 per hour. However, what you have to bear in mind is that they don’t charge you per child like some day care centres or nurseries would. If you have four children for example, you will still only pay them the salary you agree. So, in a nutshell if you have a larger family a nanny can be much more cost effective.

If you are looking to find a nanny agency, reliable childcare, or you are a parent or nanny looking for support, contact us today. You can call 02031500365.

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