Screen-Free Summer Fun
Worried your child will overdose on screen time this summer? The struggle is real! Although the ANA (The Association of Nanny Agencies)  recommends a maximum of two hours of quality screen time per day for children older than 2, most kids spend more than 40 hours per week in front  of a screen.

Internet safety and childhood obesity are both major concerns as we head into the lazy days of summer. So how can you set limits on screen time — and keep kids happily engaged in screen-free activities during the dog days?
First of all, try using a printable screen time log and discuss your rules about limiting time spent on all types of screens: TV, computer, video games, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

If your child is begging to get her own mobile phone this summer, consider these tips from ANA for determining the right age or time to get her one.
Oftentimes, a new cell phone or mobile device means hours more screen time for a tween or teen, so still set some limits on screen time on “personal” devices and encourage healthy, educational online use whenever possible. Also, think about all the cool screen-free toys, games, and craft materials you could buy for your children before you rush to spend a bundle on a new tablet for the family.

Next, come up with a list of go-to, screen-free activities that interest your child and stock up on any necessary supplies for fun crafts and activities. If your child spends summer days with a babysitter or nanny, send her this list or jot down a few suggestions for activities each day.

These ideas add up to endless screen-free summer fun!
Written By,
Ruth Maurandy

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