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So whenever I go out I usually have a few things to look out for – that might be something to make all of my jobs easier, something which might be helpful to people I know or work with, or something which will make someone smile or something my grandchildren would like. This weekend was great fun!

Travelling on the same train as Dawn Mulvaney from CACHE Alumni, I arrived in London first, well obviously because I was at the front of the train… and Dawn was several carriages behind! Together Dawn and I went to the TES/SEN Show at the London Design Centre.

There were lots of businesses there showcasing what support they can provide for early years settings and children or young people with additional needs. There are some nifty resources out there! Whilst the show was geared more for nurseries, schools and educational settings there were some great resources which could be used within a family setting for a more 1-1 kind of interactive way. It was at this show that I bought my first December gift for one of my grandchildren – a gift which made me chuckle and one which I hope will create much amusement! December brings me a first birthday and a second birthday and Christmas, so I had to start somewhere.

Next was a meeting with NannyTax to find out how their services benefit families and nannies, as well as exploring their AgencyPlus services for nanny agencies. As a not-for-profit trade association which supports best practice standards within nanny agencies, we like to build strong relationships with like minded businesses in the same circles in order to better enhance support available across the nanny industry.

Great food and chatter with Sam from Elizabeth Henry Nannies and Dawn from CACHE Alumni in the evening provided a lovely end to the day.

An early start was needed on Saturday as The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) headed off to the Great British Nanny Conference 2019 thanks to an invite from Helen McCarthy and UK Nanny. Very exciting for us as this was the first outing of our new branding with our new ANA banner and business cards with our new clear message – ANA is there for parents, nannies and nanny agencies and our members are ‘Achieving Higher Standards’ within the nanny industry.

There was much discussion in the vendor room, building positive relationships, seeing Carmen from NannyTax again, chatting to Dawn from Cache Alumni, Karen from Ideal Nannies, Jo from Greycoat Lumleys and the two lovely ladies from Morton Michel Insurance Specialists.

I really enjoyed the session with Louise Mercieca from The Health Kick and presenter on and hearing from Carmen from NannyTax about payroll for nannies, employment vs self employment, gross vs nett pay – all very important things which a nanny should be aware of.

A great day, well organised by the team at UK Nanny – well done Helen, Maria and Lucy! And thank you!

A much needed restful evening was enjoyed ready for a well deserved lie in on Sunday.

Thankfully the rain held off for me to enjoy some free time exploring the regenerated area around Kings Cross. Amazing what you can do with an old gasometer – might be rather nice to live in one of the flats inside, overlooking the canal, however I am not sure I could cope with living in London – so it was back to Newcastle on the train for me!

A great few days, thank you to everyone who spent time chatting to me, if anyone has any questions about The Association of Nanny Agencies, whether you are a nanny agency, a family or a nanny, either drop us an email or give us a call on 0203 1500 365. To find out more, have a look at our website

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