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Raising Professional Standards within the Nanny Industry

Being a professional nanny should be seen as an honour – to be chosen as ‘the role model’ by parents to look after their most precious children.

Professional nannies are not the same as the babysitter or an Au Pair, far from it – they are trained childcare workers and have chosen to be a nanny as their professional career choice. They have an excellent understanding of child development, child safety, an understanding of the child’s emotional wellbeing as well as being able to attend to all the daily needs of the child, nurturing and encouraging them to learn new skills and reach age appropriate and developmental milestones.

Being a professional nanny does come with certain expectations of best practice; nannies have a duty of care and responsibility when it comes to protecting their charges and safeguarding their Employers.

It is essential to have clear expectations discussed at the beginning of the nannies employment and included in a nannies contract of employment. This includes use of mobile phones, social media usage, TV time for the children as well as confidentiality and privacy protection.

At the Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) our nanny agency members care about the standards of care and support within the nanny industry and we are working hard to raise the overall standards of professional excellence. There is nothing more precious than the safety, happiness and wellbeing of all children. Parents choosing a nanny quite rightly expect an exceptional level of commitment and professionalism from their nanny – the nannies job is care of the children – and as a measure of best practice – this does not include use of social media within working hours.

To see which nanny agencies are members of The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA), please visit our website or if you have any questions about anything nanny related, give us a call on 0203 1500 365.

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