ANA, The Association of Nanny Agencies is a group of nanny agencies who embody the highest standards of childcare!  Our nannies are throughly vetted and due diligence is paramount for each candidate.  It is our goal to make sure ANA clients have the best nannies for their children!  However, even the best nannies need to take their well-deserved holidays and since those holidays are often at Christmas here are some tips on surviving Christmas while your nanny is on annual leave!

  1. As we all know, sweets & treats abound at this time of year, set a daily limit for your children and make clear what the boundaries are, as for parents, eat as much as you want, just make sure the kiddies are asleep!
  2. Do yourselves a favour and any toys that need assembling, do that in advance,  as Christmas morning is too hectic with meal preparation, visitors and everything else.
  3. Get some rest and make sure the children do too as it is easy to get over-tired!
  4. Space out the opening of the presents on Christmas morning
  5. Plan for quiet time
  6. Hire a temp nanny from an ANA agency so you can get some rest too!


Written by,

Ruth Maurandy

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