What lovely articles and pictures we saw in the press this morning of Prince George looking confident and happy on his first day at nursery. Nannytraininglink wishes the prince well as he ventures into this new and exciting world.

Not all children, though, are as confident, happy, or even as well-prepared for the experience. Children are naturally wary of change. Many on their first day at nursery or at school can become “clingy”, introverted, moody, tearful, scared and even traumatised at the prospect of being “left alone”, of leaving behind the routine, familiarity and comforts of home life and their domestic surroundings.

It is important therefore that parents and nannies of pre-nursery and pre-school children recognise these behaviours as a consequence of natural anxieties and do their best to allay any worries. Simply talking to children, explaining what will happen, and asking them questions long in advance of their first day will prepare children for the change. Parents and nannies should focus on the positive aspects of nursery and school so that children are sufficiently engaged in the process and thrilled by the exciting new opportunities on offer to make new friends, play new games, learn from different experiences, and discover so many new things about the wider world around them.

For some, the thought that this is their first step into being a “grown up” might be enough to persuade them of the merits! For others, perhaps the opportunity to meet their new class mates (if known) in a home environment may be sufficient to alleviate their worries, simply because they’ll already know someone else there. With appropriate planning and advance discussion to mitigate any anxiety or fears, children should be able to slip more comfortably into their new environment.

If you would like to understand how best to prepare pre-nursery or pre-school children for their first ventures into formal social and/or educational environments, nannytraininglink offers short course training, advice sessions, and activity modules. Please CONTACT US for more information.

In the meantime, we wish our future king a bright, happy and fulfilling future!

Margaret Cowell

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