So it’s been a few years now since you passed your test and you are a confident driver. You are not fazed by repeated begging from the back seat requesting the toilet, that they feel sick, or want a new DVD. You are totally not bothered by the merry sound of siblings whacking each other as you move into the slip road? Well according to the Nanny Drive iQ programme: “95% of all crashes are contributed to by attitude and behaviour, not how technically well we drive a car. “It’s our human factors – things like distraction, mood, anxiety, fatigue, a lack of planning or concentration that put a usually competent and careful driver (and their passengers) in danger. “Recent research has highlighted that children are 12 times more likely to be a distraction to drivers than using a mobile phone at the wheel.”

Over 2,200 under 15’s are killed or seriously injured every year with a further 1500 sustaining minor injuries, that’s around 7 killed or seriously injured every day

It isn’t just our driving ability that matters, before we even move off with children there are car seats to consider, shockingly, more than 57% of us don’t fit them properly!

A baby who is not restrained properly is at the same injury risk in a 39 mph crash as they would be falling from the third floor

The nanny drive iq programme is on offer to nannies by Drive a child. Norland nanny training college were so impressed with the programme that they are now offering this course as a core part of their training. The on- line course covers a wide range of driving topics and it can be completed in modules , so it does not all have to be completed at once. There is an e book, a test and interactive videos .   Feedback from course participants highlighted the improvement and safety of their driving once they had finished the programme.

You don’t need to be a Norland student to take advantage of this course and if you feel you or your nanny would benefit from managing risk and gaining vital information and skills contact Drive a child. At present you can use the voucher code on the Drive a child website allowing you to take this course for only £20.00


Written by Moira Walsh

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