Unusual baby names
Baby names are getting wilder and whackier, the unique baby names from the last year have been recently published. These names range from new slang words that are being used on a daily basis, for example ‘Reem’ and ‘Yolo’ to big historical buildings such as ‘Castle. It seems that baby names can simply be anything people want, if the parents have a favourite animal, for example ‘Fox’ they have then named their child after that animal.
Children’s names can reveal lots about the families, or the generation that the children have been born in. It can reflect what people today find important or significant, and see beautiful, as children are seen as special and beautiful by their parents. So for example, girls and especially those that are viewed as ‘princesses’ are called ‘Dior’ which is an expensive brand, and is greatly loved by many women and men. Therefore this can suggest what parents think of their girls, seeing them as precious, beautiful and loved as much as they love their designer labels.
Some may argue that many children are named these days but are never referred to by their name, as many people are given nicknames and then they are only ever known by this nickname. Therefore a unique name that was given last year was ‘Mate’. Many men refer to each other as mate when out, whether they are friends or strangers- if opening a door for someone ‘thanks mate’ or bumping into someone by accident ‘oh sorry mate’. This therefore means that some could argue the name ‘Mate’ can be used as an everyday name, as it is used a lot all over.  Another example of this is the name ‘Dodge’- many men are referred to as ‘Dodger’ for many different reasons, dodging balls in football or dodging relationships etc and therefore this name could suggest the type of father and what he could be expecting of his son (like father like son etc), can suggest the age of the parents.
If you have a baby that cries a lot and is referred to as moody by family or friends as a joke, as they are always crying and winging when they are tired (as some babies are happier than others) then calling your child ‘Moody’ can be used as a way to remember what they were like when they were a young child. A story that can stay in their lives forever, which may be quite humorous for many as they tell the story, although it could be seen as something negative, this style of name can create humour and smiles as your child could end up being a very happy child and therefore always proving they are the complete opposite to how they used to be- showing growth. The term ‘moody’ also used in film, suggesting mystery within the film, this could also suggest the time of person they are. 
Baby Names:
Reem, Hiya, Godstreasure, Juniper, Luv, Spurgeon, Daily, Thirteena-Starr, Marvellous, Diamond-Leigh,
Chantilly, Dior, Daiquiri, Twinkle, Bluebell-Fawn
Mate, Spartacus, Papa, Egor, Draven
Avvlo, Lullaby, Lyric, Freedom and just initials T, J etc
Dodge, Madison-Diamond, Leonidas, Dung
Cozy, Fox, Oak, Ma, Summer Blossom
Anthem, Bender, Berk, Castle, Dragon, Darko, Dodge, Guru, Hershey, Matix, Moody, Patch, ranger, Simba, Onix, Roper, Taro, Tallon, Tiger, Viggo, Vino, Walden, Wolf, Zeppelin
Harbor, Heavenleigh, Holiday, Juju, Kapri, Kutty, Mahogony, Merci, Moon, Nisan, Nivea, Posey, Quorra, Rhythm, Sea, Sparrow, Stormie, Violina, Yolo, Zeek

A big thank you to Charlotte Hudson of Harmony at Home Agency for writing this Blog.


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