Working as a Nanny should be and often is a very satisfying career choice for those who love working with, supporting and encouraging families in the care of their babies and small children. The arrangements work extremely well if the right elements are put in place from the very beginning of the arrangement.

So what does make the ‘Family and Nanny’ arrangement work so well?

  • There needs to be a mutual respect for each other,
  • A clear understanding of each others expectations
  • Clear listening and communication between BOTH the parents and the nanny
  • A clear and transparent approach to each other
  • Fairness, flexibility and commitment from BOTH sides

After all you are all working in the same direction which is to provide the best care for the children!

We are often asked, mostly by nannies, is it right that a family can ask me to work over and above the usual contracted hours because:

  • the family have decided to come home early from work, or
  • they are taking the children to school the next day, or
  • the family are taking additional holidays over and above the yearly allowance

We sometimes hear of nannies who will work a full week, and are still expected to cover extra babysitting, normal days off or weekend hours so a family can ‘recoup’ hours they have paid for but the nanny has not worked.

Is this fair? Your nanny is still available for work, it is the families choice to take additional time off, or to come home early and then send the nanny home early. Is it fair that a nanny should feel penalised by having to work extra time because of something a family have decided at short notice?

This blog piece from Lora Brawley, explains this topic well and I think it is important to share important information so we can continue in our effects to raise the standards of care and support of a nanny as being a professional option of childcare.

Blog Piece by Lora Brawley: Can I bank hours with my Nanny?

All members of The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) are able to support both families and nannies in setting the right foundations in the beginning to make the arrangement a long, happy and successful one. Any questions, or if you need some advice then either use the Agency Search facility to find an agency near you or give us a call on 0203 1500 365.

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