What level of support should a family expect when engaging the services of a nanny agency?

Have you considered using a Nanny Agency? Perhaps you have used an agency in the past but were not sure what to expect? Or this is your first time at recruiting a nanny to look after your children and you are feeling a little overwhelmed at all of the information and processes involved within what can only be described as an unregulated industry?

Here at The Association of Nanny Agencies, we provide help, guidance and support to nannies, nanny agencies, household workers and families to ensure your experience of using a nanny agency is positive and professional as well as being simple and stress free from day one! We also provide support to nanny agencies with any issues they may encounter, we encourage supporting each other, sharing of best practice, and The Association of Nanny Agencies is committed to encouraging the highest level of standards of care for families seeking a nanny; with the aim of ‘Achieving Higher Standards within the nanny profession.

So what is it that makes an agency reputable you ask yourself?

Well, there are a number of criteria which we include in our Association of Nanny Agencies Code of Conduct as a requirement for our member agencies to uphold, and these requirements include:-

  • Being approachable, patient, and caring with the ability to listen and respond to the tailored needs of both the client and the candidate to ensure a good understanding of requirements from both parties.
  • An agency will talk you through the whole process from start to finish and will be there to guide and support you all the way through, from initial enquiry, understanding the family needs, selection of candidates and matching of suitable applicants, sending CVs and arranging interviews, support at the point where you are ready to offer the job to your chosen candidate, and finally, the confirmation process and aftercare support which is of paramount importance to the successful relationship between you and your new nanny.
  • Agencies should be sending you their terms and conditions of business at the point of engagement, so you are clear as to what you are signing up to and to setting realistic expectations with you, to include any warranty or guarantee the agency may offer.
  • Agencies should complete as much due diligence as possible to assess the suitability, level of skill, and experience of any nannies who are looking for a nanny job before sending to a family for consideration. This includes meeting their candidates in person wherever possible, and checking for a valid DBS check and current status on the DBS Update Service.
  • Agencies should help you recruit well suited candidates who have the skills and expertise required for your role, and should endeavour to personally match only suitable candidates for consideration.
  • Once you are registered with your chosen nanny agency, they should keep you up to date at regular intervals during the process. They should provide some aftercare support and follow up with you and your nanny after commencement of the employment too.
  • The agency should be impartial and supportive of the needs of you as the client, and the chosen nanny, to ensure a smooth commencement and setting expectations with both parties, and encouraging best practice support to ensure a long and successful placement. This can include handholding you through the processes of setting up employment contracts and employment offer letters, although the agency is not expected to give legal advice or human resources documentation as this would be bespoke to your needs and requires qualified advice, however they should be able to signpost you to  relevant service providers who can offer this qualified service before employment commences.
  • In the event of any issues or queries, the agency should support you and your nanny to resolve any issues or concerns impartially, swiftly and professionally.
  • Clear communication, mutual respect and transparency is essential from all parties involved to make the process of finding a nanny or household worker a great success.

On our website, you can find lots of information about our best practice guidelines, and the journey we hope a family would experience when engaging the support of a nanny agency, this can be found online at https://anatest.maygreen.ltd/getting-the-best-from-agencies/ but if you have any questions or queries or simply want some advice we would welcome you to Contact Us for free and impartial support and guidance.

Trust your instincts! Your instincts are ususally right!

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