Just a few words from Sarah Parkin, Kids Deserve the Best Agency in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Trust your Instincts! Sharing is Caring are two things I say rather a lot! I love to help people and I love to make people smile. I also love cake and apparently I love purple too…..
I just wanted to share a few words for others to explain why I joined the Association of Nanny Agencies.
As I said, I love to help people! Whether this is a family looking for childcare, someone looking for work, a colleague in need of assistance, and also being able to help other nanny agencies.
We as Agency owners have one of the most important and delicate of jobs to do….. finding that special person to work with and look after a family’s children. Finding the right childcare for a family can be a very daunting situation for parents, especially if they have never used a childcare service before. 
I met a family this week whose only option for childcare is a Nanny for when she returns to work. However several of her friends have put doubt in her mind with horror stories of things which have gone wrong. Talking with mum I was able to explain what to expect from a Nanny, how we were able to help and support through the process and beyond. I explained that it is highly likely that those horror stories were from people who had never had used an agency before, and had resolved their own childcare from websites which do not have any way of checking the people are who they say they, and families not knowing what they should be aware of in terms of employing a Nanny. Now, mum is more confident knowing she has the support to get this right.
So why join the Association of Nanny Agencies? Well….. Why would you not?
We are all in the same position and are likely to face to same issues. Therefore it is important to me personally that we have some kind of industry specific support from people who understand that challenges we face and we can share advice and experiences.
Prove to anyone considering your Agency that you do work to the highest of standards, and provide the best care possible every time. By becoming a member of ANA you can display the ‘kitemark’ of industry specific membership which shows you are a professional and reputable agency. You can have access to legal documents which will be of help to your families, and be kept informed of any changes in legislation and industry legal updates.
Oh and I nearly forgot…. Members of ANA can get discounts from certain providers, for example insurance, DBS checks, and First Aid training.
Being in the North East of England I often feel isolated from the rest of the Nanny Agency world, however since joining the Committee of ANA I do feel a lot more involved. The Association is there to help us Agencies – if we all have input, help each other and share the tasks, then the better for all the members.
Thank you for reading, encourage families and nannies to look out for your nearest ANA agency and get the quality care and support they deserve!
Sharing is Caring!
Sarah x
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