Nanny Agencies - Why Your Nanny Agency Should Join ANAUK

ANA is the only not-for-profit trade association for nanny agencies based in the UK, working towards professional excellence in the nanny industry. ANA aims to raise the bar regarding the quality, and accessibility of professional level childcare for residents of the United Kingdom. We do this by monitoring and managing agencies to ensure they are working up to more than just acceptable standards.

Nanny Agency Requirements:
All Nanny Agencies must demonstrate and provide professional experience and services and present a great work ethic. Your nanny agency will also need to provide the following:
• Registration with the Information Commissioners Office along with evidence that you comply with the Data Protection Act.
• Your terms and conditions regarding business and policies. (non-discrimination, equal opportunities, and a complaints procedure are required).
• Proof you hold all the correct/applicable insurance policies including public liability and professional indemnity.
• Completed ANA application form with a visible signature.
• One years business account.

Member Benefits:
Becoming a member of our association will grant your agency the use of the ANA logo. This logo verifies your agency as up to our standards and gives your agency a sign of validity for customers. This would also mean you are now a part of a growing network of like-minded colleagues, who you can seek advice from, and utilise to grow your business. Not to mention your business will be displayed on our website, meaning you have increased reach and publicity for being a part of ANA. This along with networking through social media as your posts will appear on our pages. You will also have regular meetings with ANA members to discuss ideas and assist one another.

All Nanny Agencies will also have access to our website services, such as limitless free job listings, access to industry business documents, updates on policies and legal regulations and much more. Aside from the logo, you will also receive a certificate once you have completed our independent mystery shopping experience.

Join ANA to help not only your own business, but the entirety of the UK.
If you are a Nanny Agency or a parent looking for advice or support, call us to find out how we can help on 0203 1500 365.

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