Choosing the right childcare provision is a difficult enough challenge for most parents, the having to decide what is the best option of childcare to suit their family and giving responsibility to someone to care for their most precious little people! This is such an important decision to get right! All parents want the best for their children!

Today the Association of Nanny Agencies have been approached by the Political Correspondent for the Daily Mail asking for our comments with regards to Andrea Leadsom’s thoughts about male childcare workers. Given that ANA is made up of professional caring and supportive nanny agencies we were delighted to oblige. All ANA members endeavour to provide the highest of standards of care, support and best practice to both families and nannies, with the intention of making standards matter by raising awareness of the benefits of choosing a nanny as a profession choice of childcare and promoting the professionalism of nannies. A Nanny is not the same as a babysitter or an aupair.

Men can be nannies too!

Sharing our response.


Hello Larisa

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond.

Why can’t men be employed to look after young children? Because ‘apparently’ they may be paedophiles? I’m sorry but the same could be the same for women! Look at some of the news stories over the last few years! What about equality?

Every family is different, in much the same way that every child is different and every nanny has different skills and qualities. What works for one family may not necessarily suit another. What is important is that EVERY possible check be done for each person who is being considered for working within a family home to ensure they not only have:

  • The right childcare skills, training, and experience with which to carry out the responsibilities required
  • Checks to ensure their ID documentation is valid and genuine and they have the right to work in the UK
  • A current DBS check (previous Criminal Records Check)
  • Paediatric first aid training
  • Nanny Insurance
  • Checking dates and any gaps in their employment
  • Checking of at least 3 recent references

Surely if a person has ALL of the above and the right personality AND fit for the family – does it matter if they are male or female? I think not!

After all what is important is the safety, happiness and welfare of the children. A family needs confidence and reassurance that whoever they choose to be given the responsibility of looking after their most precious little people is going to provide THE BEST care and support whilst they are at work. In this day and age we see families where there are single parents, same sex parents and in some families there may be a lack of a male influence to help and support the children, and a male nanny may be preferred.

Children need consistency, stability, love, care and nurturing as well as positive praise and encouragement to enable them to learn and be the best they can be. And if a family decide that a male person is right for them – who are we to say otherwise?

Nanny Agencies who are members of The Association of Nanny Agencies do ALL of the checks mentioned above as well as meeting each candidate in person BEFORE they are considered for submission to the family.

If a family chooses to find their own childcare without the expertise and support of an Agency, things can go wrong, especially when they have to first of all know what it is they should be looking for, and I am aware that this can be very time consuming for a busy family who is choosing a nanny as their choice of childcare because they have to work.

What price would you put on the care, safety an well-being of your children?

I hope this answers your question.

If you need any further information, do let me know.ANA-Logo


Sarah Parkin

Acting Chair ANA

Tel: 0203 1500 365


3 comments on “ANA were today asked to comment on Andrea Leadsom’s thoughts about male childcare workers!

  1. Vicci Rees on

    I think the opportunity needs to be opened up to families and other settings to chose and for men to enter the world of child care in what ever capacity they choose. If men were given this opportunity then children who potentially don’t have a man in their life can learn to respect men as well women!

  2. Margare on

    I really do think that you have expressed a lot of the frustrations that surround childcare especially within the ‘family home ‘environment. With on line recruitment in child care the standards seem to have dropped. When I came and spoke to your agencies at the meeting of minds i said that a person would not ask someone to come off the street to cut their hair- so why do parents allow someone without any background in childcare to look after their children often for long hours?
    There is never a fail save way in any profession but nannies hold a very responsible post so the basics should be in place and checkable.
    1. Some training – and many forms are now available it is no longer a reason I can’t afford full time college. Every training aspect is available
    2. DBS- without fail
    3. First aid- a must
    4. Checkable references.

    So it is important the 4 above matters are in place and this shows it’s not just a job but a vocation and career path.
    Reputable nanny agencies are very good at interviewing and checking nannies. They often get to know nannies over the years so have a history with them. A good agency will check all the above and work with others who offer training, DBS checks and first aid.
    Children are precious and who ever looks after them male or female must be able to care for them in a professional manner with all the assurances parents can source.


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