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Nannies have feelings too!

Having read many posts on social media where the nanny and family relationship has broken down for something which could simply have been avoided by communicating with each other I felt the need to share some thoughts. Nannies have feelings too! Most people who work as a nanny chose to do so as their professional… Read more »

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Nanny Week – 18th to 24th September 2016 – Celebrating the work of a Professional Nanny

Being a Professional Nanny is a real career choice! This is most certainly NOT the same as being a babysitter or an Au Pair! Every year the care, support and work of nannies around the UK is recognised at Nanny Week where nannies from all areas have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events, gatherings, activities with the babies, children and young people they look after.

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Why choose a nanny for your childcare? Part 2

Following on from last week, here is the 2nd part of the blog “Why choose a nanny for your childcare?” which was written by Ruth Maurandy of Rockmybaby Nanny & Babysitting Agency. http://www.rockmybabynannyagency.co.uk 11. Consistent Rules and Guidance – Nursery workers quit or move to other rooms, and each childcare provider is different in such a… Read more »

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