Following on from last week, here is the 2nd part of the blog “Why choose a nanny for your childcare?” which was written by Ruth Maurandy of Rockmybaby Nanny & Babysitting Agency.

11. Consistent Rules and Guidance – Nursery workers quit or move to other rooms, and each childcare provider is different in such a setting. That means that your child may not be exposed to clear and consistent boundaries, or that she may be expected to follow rules far different from those you would choose for her. That’s not the case with a nanny, who will work with you to develop a plan and stick to it for the sake of consistency.
12. Limiting Exposure to Questionable Influences – You can choose the nursery your children attend, but you can’t choose the peers that they’ll encounter there or the providers who will be looking after them. When your child is looked after by a nanny, you know that she’s not being exposed to questionable influences.
13. More Financial Security – When parents are less stressed, it affects kids in very real ways. Nurseries can actually be more expensive than nanny care when you have more than one child needing care, which can leave the family strapped for cash and can negatively affect the kids.
14. Easier Parental Oversight – The amount of control you have over the practices of a nursery is limited, which is not the case when you hire a nanny. Your kids will benefit from your ability to control their care experience, rather than being subjected to the whims of nursery workers and administrators.
15. Specialized Skill Sets and Training – If you want your children to learn French while they’re being watched by a nanny, you can hire a bilingual nanny. Budding musicians can take lessons from a nanny who’s musically inclined. There are a variety of specialized skill sets available through nanny care, which is almost never the case at even the best nuseries.
16. Sibling Bonding – Unless your children are very close in age, there’s a good chance that they’ll be separated into different groups a in nursery. When they’re home all day with a nanny, they’re also spending time with one another and bonding in a way that might be more difficult if they were in separate rooms at a nursery
17. Milestone Assistance – A private, in-home childcare provider can help your little one reach important milestones like talking, walking or potty training on a level that simply can’t be replicated in a boisterous, hectic nursery.
18. Controlled Socialization – When your nanny takes your child on play dates, you know who he’s spending time with and can ensure that your nanny is looking for signs of over-stimulation. At a nursery, he will be constantly surrounded by dozens of other children, with no way to remove himself from an over-stimulating situation.
19. Special Needs Care – Kids with special needs require more attention than even the best nursery can provide. That’s one of the areas where specially trained nannies shine, ensuring that your child is looked after in just the way she needs to thrive.
20. Allergen and Food Sensitivity Awareness – When there are dozens of kids to feed, concerns about allergy information can fall to the wayside or be disregarded. If one food allergy isn’t properly communicated, your child could be affected. A nanny who cares for your child every day, however, knows what foods and triggers are off limits and how to manage allergies or sensitivities.

Written by,
Ruth Maurandy

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