The Association of Nanny Agencies work with a number of different nanny agencies across the UK and provide them with the most up to date legal and employment laws, providing useful resources and offering a supportive network of likeminded and independently owned and run agencies. We are the only not-for-profit trade association for nanny agencies and we support them achieve high standards and provide a network of agencies that can be trusted by all.

We work with agencies across the UK, from London, the Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East and further afield too. Our team are proud to be able to support a number of agencies and provide them with all of the support they need.

To ensure we provide the right support to nanny agencies, we aim to hold a minimum of two meetings a year where all members are asked to attend as you are given the opportunity to meet and network with other ANA members and we will give you the chance to discuss any ideas you have, share good practice or to seek help with any issues. Throughout each year we will continue to provide you with ongoing support and networking is available via our members only Facebook page.

When joining ANA you will be able to enjoy a number of member benefits too meaning you will be known and recognised as an accredited agency.  We will provide you with use of the ANA logo providing you with the industry’s stamp of approval.

We are always looking to expand our agency base and help new nanny agencies. We also help families too. If you are looking for more information about the work we do, please visit: 0203 1500 365. 

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